Korvosa  jewel of varisia

Above is a view of Korvosa looking west towards Conqueror’s Bay, with the major landmarks easy to spot. In the heart of the city, perched atop its tall pyramid, is Castle Korvosa. Citadel Hill is just to its right, with the Acadamae controlling the heights. A trick of perspective makes it appear as if Citadel Hill rises higher than the Castle—the reverse is actually true.

On the far right, one can see Old Korvosa on Endrin Isle, splitting the Jeggare River between it. In the foreground are the hovels of Trail’s End, the main Varisian enclave, which encroach right up to the walls of East Shore. Just across the river from East Shore sits Citadel Volshyenek, the headquarters of the Korvosan Guard, on a spit of rock jutting into the water. It overlooks the Midland District that faces the river.

Further south, left of the Pillar Wall, is the Gray District where Korvosa’s dead rest in eternal slumber. West of the Gray District, facing the bay, one can just make out the gilded manors of South Shore, the city’s wealthiest district.

  • Castle Korvosa: This ominous black marble structure looms over the rest of the city from its perch atop the Grand Mastaba, an enormous flat-topped pyramid of ancient origin.
  • East Shore: Located across the Jeggare River from the rest of the city, is home to a handful of noble houses closely tied to the Korvosan military, as well as the struggling Theumanexus College. The Varisian enclave of Trail’s End sits just beyond East Shore’s walls.
  • The Heights: Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on—both figuratively and literally. It is home to the Acadamae, the Reformatorium and surrounds Castle Korvosa.
  • Kyra’s Castle: The newest addition to the city landscape lies outside the city wally, just across the Jeggare River from Old Korvosa. This fortification was summoned into being on 12 Erastus, 4708 by Kyra, through the use of the Harrow Deck of Many Things.
  • Midland: A central, cosmopolitan district along the west bank of the Jeggare River, it hosts the Gold Market, the Guard headquarters in Citadel Volshyenek, and Zellara’s home.
  • North Point: The first section of the mainland settled by the Chelish, it houses many of the city’s oldest non-noble family’s. Korvosa’s seat of municipal power stands in North Point, as does the city’s courthouse and the Bank of Abadar.
  • Old Korvosa: The oldest and poorest district, it occupies Endrin Isle to the north of the mainland. It is home to Eel’s End and the Sticky Mermaid.
  • The Sewers: Korvosa’s haphazard sewer system is kept clean of filth by a population of otyughs that roam the tunnels below.
  • The Shingles: The rooftop city-within-a-city of vermin-infested shacks, lean-tos, and haphazard footpaths inhabited by the some of the poorest and most desperate of Korvosa’s citizenry.
  • South Shore: The newest district officially added to the city, South Shore’s population consists mainly of the city’s nouveau riche hoping to escape the cramped conditions elsewhere. A small enclave built specifically as an embassy for Mierani elves stands in the district.

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