A cursed land shrouded in shadow, Nidal lies shackled under the grip of the Umbral Court, a theocratic cabal acting on behalf of the dark god Zon-Kuthon. The Midnight Lord’s influence in Nidal traces back millennia to an ancient pact struck with the Umbral Court’s distant forebears.

Nidal experienced several centuries of Chelaxian occupation, but even the old Empire in its prime could not undo Zon-Kuthon’s influence. The occupation was lifted a century ago by the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune in exchange for the Umbral Court’s aid in the Chelaxian civil war. These days, Nidal and Cheliax remain close—if uncomfortable—allies.

The southern stretch of the Mindspin Mountains divides Korvosan territory from the borders of Nidal, but despite this proximity there is little traffic between the two. The Umbral Court prefers its subjects to remain in their cages, while few outsiders are willing to risk entering that darkened land. Nonetheless, a handful of merchants do trickle back and forth, as well as refugees fleeing the Umbral Court’s reach—and agents of Zon-Kuthon sent to retrieve them or perform other, more sinister missions.

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