The Reaper of Reputation, Father Skinsaw, The Gray Master, Blackfingers

The god of greed, secrets, poison, and murder, Norgorber was once a mortal man who ascended to godhood by passing the test of the Starstone. He remains an enigma to most, and his true motives are unknown.

Norgorber’s cult is forbidden in nearly every nation except Absalom, home of the Starstone, where it is tolerated. The cult is split into four parts, each one focusing on a specific aspect and paying little attention to others. His followers wear masks to identify themselves, and as a symbol of their devotion to the god.

Norgorber’s worshipers come from all walks of life. Many are clerics, rogues, bards and assassins. The most extreme are numbered among the murderous insane, who commit atrocities in his reverence. The followers of the cult of ‘Father Skinsaw’ are known as the Skinsaw Men. Spies and politically minded folk who worship him as the ‘Reaper of Reputation’ consider him the deity of secret knowledge. Thieves revere the ‘Gray Master’. Assassins, alchemists and herbalists follow ‘Blackfingers’. Norgorber’s ceremonial colours are black and brown. The cultist’s clothes usually follow modern fashions, in order to blend in wherever they are.

Norgorber’s holy symbol is a black face mask, gleaming in the dark.

Norgorber in Korvosa

Like Lamashtu and Rovagug, worship of Norgorber is forbidden in Korvosa, with the Korvosan Guard, the Bank of Abadar and the Temple of Asmodeus collaborating to squash out the cult wherever it emerges.

Even so, cultists of Norgorber are known to turn up now and then in the city’s underworld. There are also persistent rumors that the Cerulean Society are protecting several clerics of the Gray Master.

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