Otyughs are particularly vile and horrid creatures that lurk in places most sane creatures avoid. Their lairs are middens, cesspools, offal pits, toxic swamps, and sewers—the greater a lair’s filth, the greater the draw to the refuse-eating otyugh. They glory in the role of scavenger, wandering through vast underground caverns in search of the choicest cuts of garbage and waste. Upon finding such refuse, they gorge upon it, gathering what cannot be consumed in one debauch to bring back to their foul-smelling lairs. Otyughs spend most of their time in these filthy dens, which they keep constantly filled with carrion, dung, and worse sorts of stinking effluvia.

Otyughs in Korvosa

The city of Korvosa lured a group of otyughs into its sewer system to deal with the city’s impressive waste products. Although the arrangement has been mutually beneficial, occasionally an otyugh will attempt to break free onto the surface and devour fresher meat.

The Party prevented one such otyugh outbreak during Queen Ileosa’s coronation ceremony.

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