The Lady of Graves, Pharasma is the goddess of birth, death, fate, and prophecy. The souls of the recently departed travel to her Boneyard in the Outer Sphere, where she dispassionately decides the soul’s final reward on the Outer Planes. As the goddess of birth and prophecy, she sees the ultimate fate of every creature born into the world but reserves final judgment until they stand before her in the Boneyard. Pharasma regards the undead as a perversion and commands her followers to undo the works of Urgathoa wherever they find them. An impossibly ancient deity, Pharasma was among the pantheon that sealed away the beast Rovagug within the bowels of the world.

Pharasma in Korvosa

Pharasma is one of the most popular deities in Korvosa, dating back to the early years of the settlement when a young girl, Alika, used the gift of foresight bestowed by the goddess to save the city from a catastrophic fire, despite seeing her own death in the conflagration. St. Alika continues to be revered in the city to this day.

The center of worship is the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma in the Gray District, overseen by Bishop Keppira d’Bear. Pharasma’s followers patrol the Gray District, containing any outbreaks of undead, and receive subsidies from the Korvosan government and donations from the nobility for this purpose. The less combat-oriented clerics often become midwives to celebrate Pharasma’s role as goddess of birth.

Followers of Pharasma

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