Queen's Physicians

Queens physician

A cadre of the finest healers and physicians from Korvosa and its environs, they were handpicked by Dr. Reiner Davaulus to help him lead the city’s efforts to combat the affliction known as the Blood Veil. The group has been empowered by Queen Ileosa to access any home or building they deem necessary in the course of their duties. They will make rounds of every city district until the crisis has abated.

By royal edict, all those suffering from disease or disorder are to submit themselves to the Physicians for treatment. Impeding or distracting the duties of the Queen’s Physicians is punishable by imprisonment. Impersonating one of the Queen’s Physicians is punishable by death.

Davaulus and the Physicians are coordinating with the Korvosan Guard, the Gray Maidens, and the various faiths of Korvosa to try to stem the spread of the disease, but it is clear they have an uphill fight.

The Queen’s Physicians wear long leather trench coats and wide-brimmed hats over bird-like plague doctors’ masks, giving them an eerie appearance.

Evidence discovered aboard the wreck of the Direption suggests a link between the Cult of Urgathoa, the Blood Veil, and the Queen’s Physicians.

The party’s investigation of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden and the Vault below have confirmed that Davaulus and the Physicians are acting hand-in-glove with the Urgathoans to develop and spread the plague.

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Queen's Physicians

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