Red Mantis

A secretive cabal of assassins that operates across Avistan. They are said to kill by contract, with the promise that whoever they eliminate stays dead. According to Irabeth, they may be worshipers of a murderous deity known as He Who Walks in Blood.

They are known to wear distinctive red chitonous armor, with matching enchanched mantis mask and wield strange saw-toothed sabres.

The Red Mantis in Korvosa

A Red Mantis assassin was skulking around the ruins of the Sticky Mermaid and nearly killed Ionas “Slim” Tils.

Dr. Reiner Davaulus carried a rapier with a hilt in the same sinister red styling as the assassins’ armor. He was identified as a leader of the assassins by the corpse of an Urgathoan cultist the party interrogated.

Two Red Mantis assassins were lurking in Vencarlo Orisini’s house, where they sprung a failed ambush of the party. According to Amin Jalento, a large group of the assassins had earlier burned down Orisini Academy and tried to kill the fencing master.

Five Red Mantis assassins orchestrated an ambush of the party at the Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers in the Cinderlands, but were interrupted by the creature in the water.

Three Red Mantis assassins and three giant red mantises attacked the Crimson Blades in their camp at night on the way to the Flameford. The assassins nearly killed two horses and the Truthspeaker Akram before they were slain.

A team of Red Mantis assassins, led by Red Mantis Commander, attacked the Sklar-Quah camp at the Flameford with help from the Cinderlander and a flock of gargoyles. The assassins were targeting the Crimson Blades and successfully slew Zandu.

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Red Mantis

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