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The Sable Company did not answer to the Queen, but rather to the Seneschal of Castle Korvosa. These hippogriff-riding marines defended the skies and waters of Korvosa and provided aerial and amphibious support to Korvosan Guard operations.

Descending from a small force of Chelaxian marines who helped defend the early settlement, Sable Company worked closely with the Korvosan Guard and relied on that group to coordinate with the Hellknights. Sable Company had looser restrictions on advancement, with any human member able to rise to the rank of Commandant.

Sable Company pledged loyalty to the monarch of Korvosa, but reported directly to the Seneschal. In turn, when the Seneschal retired or died, the Commandant was traditionally appointed as the successor.

By order of Queen Ileosa Arabasti, the Sable Company marines were officially disbanded in the wake of the Blood Veil plague and their remaining members folded into the ranks of the diminished Korvosan Guard, while the newly established Order of the Gray Maidens was named the protector of Korvosa.

The last Commandant of Sable Company, Marcus Endrin, reacted to the changes by attempting to assassinate the Queen. He was summarily executed, his death a tragic bookend to the storied legacy of the Company.

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Sable Company

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