The Eternal Rose


The goddess of beauty, art, love, and music, Shelyn once shared her role with her half-brother Dou-Bral. Yet at some point in the distant past the siblings quarreled and Dou-Bral left Golarion to travel past the Great Beyond. In his absence, Shelyn grew into her role, celebrating beauty and love in all its forms.

But when Dou-Bral returned to Golarion, he had become something else: Zon-Kuthon. Shelyn reached out to her lost brother, but he pierced her hand with his black nails. Ultimately, she wrested his weapon, a golden glaive, away from him, and a tenuous peace of silence and avoidance was struck.

Shelyn encourages creativity and inspires the world. She challenges her faithful to test their limits, share what they create, and delight in the gifts of others. Shelyn preaches (and practices) that true beauty comes from within, and she favors romances not based solely on lust. Followers of Shelyn endeavor each day to create something of beauty, whether artistically or through unconventional forms, such as a gardener tending a flower garden.

Shelyn’s holy symbol is a rainbow-tailed songbird.

Shelyn in Korvosa

The smallest of the independent temples in the city, the sanctuary of Shelyn ranks among Korvosa’s most beautiful buildings. This square building engulfs a small interior courtyard decorated with statuary, murals, and beautiful flowering plants. Although crowded with artwork and plants of natural beauty, the sanctuary looks full but never cluttered.

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