The Heights

Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on—both figuratively and literally. Nearly all of Korvosa’s power players reside in the Heights, including the Queen herself.

Notable Locations in The Heights

  • The Acadamae: Practically a city in miniature, the tall black walls of the wizarding school keep its campus well-hidden from prying eyes.
  • Castle Korvosa: The castle and its Grand Mastaba sit on the southern slope of Citadel Hill but rise far above its crest.
  • The Reformatorium: A slumping mansion, it once served as a reform school for wealthy delinquents and now rehabilitates goblins for hire as servants and entertainers to the nobility.
  • Temple of Asmodeus: The black and red star-shaped temple is perched along the western coast of the district.
  • University of Korvosa: While it pales next to the grandeur of the Acadamae and does not carry with it the additional prestige inherent in magic, the University of Korvosa nonetheless possesses its own reputation for greatness.

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The Heights

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