The Hinterlands and Abroad

As the largest city-state of Varisia, Korvosa’s territory extends far beyond its city walls, from the Mindspin Mountains to the east to the shores of Lake Syrantula in the west and all the way north to the border of the Shoanti Cinderlands. Korvosa also maintains relations with neighbors near and far, especially its estranged motherland of Cheliax.

Korvosa’s Hinterlands

  • Abken: a commune of peace-loving, drug-growing riff-raff in Korvosa’s northern hinterland.
  • Harse: a village north of Korvosa that serves as an important crossroads for trade. Presently the hiding place of Trinia Sabor.
  • Sirathu: the poorest and farthest removed of Korvosa’s holdings, it is home to an oracle of Pharasma.
  • Veldraine: a port town east of Korvosa, perched at the mouth of Conqueror’s Bay, it serves as the headquarters for the Korvosan Navy.


  • Cheliax: the former colonial overlords of Korvosa and the city’s largest trading partner.
  • Lastwall: a besieged realm caught between the hordes of Belkzen to the west and the restless dead of Ustalav to the east.
  • Nidal: a shadow-shrouded theocracy dedicated to the dark god Zon-Kuthon, it is a close ally of Cheliax and sits on Korvosa’s southern border.
  • Thassilon: an ancient and sinister empire that once controlled much of Varisia thousands of years ago, its ruins continue to litter the landscape.
  • Ustalav: a haunted land far to the east of Varisia, it was once the domain of the lich lord known as the Whispering Tyrant and his minions continue to stalk the dark alleys and deep woods.
  • Varisia: a frontier region in the northwest corner of the continent of Avistan, several cities dot its coasts while its interior is only loosely mapped.

The Outer Planes

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The Hinterlands and Abroad

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