The Shingles

A relatively recent feature in Korvosa’s urban landscape, the Shingles came into being a few decades ago when residents of the overcrowded tenements of Old Korvosa began creating impromptu third stories above their slums out of lean-tos and shanties. Over time these short-term accommodations gave way to more permanent additions and the upward climb continued, reaching as high as five stories in some places.

Residents of the ramshackle expansions fell into the habit of traversing the district by travelling above it and soon noticed other sections of Korvosa had equally dense rooflines that could provide hidden and convenient paths. The city’s criminal element quickly recognized its potential, resulting in a slew of permanent and semipermanent waypoints, structures, and safehouses along the roofs of the most crowded parts of the city. Collectively, these rooftop communities and the footpaths connecting them came to be known as the Shingles.

But Shingles residents must share the roofs with an assortment of nasty surprises, from imps and stirges to shingle spiders and uniquely murderous creatures known as chokers. This makes living in and traversing the ever-shifting landscape of the Shingles especially dangerous.

Twitcher’s Tavern

The only a permanent landmark in the Shingles is Twitcher’s, a tavern that rises high above the streets of Korvosa and links to several major routes across the rooftops (the exact routes change from week to week). The bartender, a red-haired man named Ramthos, keeps the tavern a safe, neutral space for his guests—but some do wonder why his establishment has so far been spared any trouble from the Shingles’ more predatory inhabitants.

The party briefly visited Twitcher’s when Ashla chased Trinia through the tavern from back to front.

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The Shingles

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