The Pallid Princess

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The goddess of gluttony, plague, and undeath, it is said that she was once a mortal woman who upon her death fled Pharasma’s Boneyard and returned to the mortal realm, becoming the first undead creature.

Urgathoa encourages disease, decay, and physical excess, make her the favored patron of necromancers and some of the more vile hedonists.

Urgathoa’s unholy symbol is a corpse fly.

Urgathoa in Korvosa

The Pallid Princess is actually among the gods honored at Korvosa’s Pantheon of the Many, but her followers are prohibited from performing human sacrifice within the city. That has not stopped some, like the priestess Lucra, from doing so in secret, which is why known members of her cult are watched closely by the Guard.

Despite this scrutiny, a secret cult has been operating in a crypt below the Gray District. Led by Lady Andaisin, they are apparently collaborating with the necromancer Rolth, who is not held in high esteem.

Evidence discovered aboard the wreck of the Direption suggests a link between the Urgathoans, the Blood Veil, and the Queen’s Physicians.

The party’s investigation of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden and the Vault below confirmed that Dr. Davaulus and the Queen’s Physicians were acting hand-in-glove with the Urgathoans to develop and spread the plague.

After storming the hidden Urgathoan temple, the party put the cult and its leader to the sword.

Followers of Urgathoa

(Urgathoa holy symbol credit: Hugo Solis)

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