A sprawling region caught between the southern nations of Cheliax’s old empire and the northern lands ruled by the Linnorm Kings, Varisia has long been considered a backwater. Although a relatively large stretch of Varisia has been settled by Chelish colonists and Varisian natives, the region is still primarily a dangerous wilderness stalked by barbarian tribes and legendary monsters. The landscape is dotted with monuments to ancient Thassilon, whose protective magic is only now beginning to fade.

Key Locations in Varisia
  • Janderhoff: a Dwarven settlement in the Mindspin Mountains northeast of Korvosa, it is the source of the black marble used in much of the city’s architecture.
  • Kaer Maga: a bizarre, anarchic city-state perched on the plateau cliff face that divides Korvosa’s northern holdings from the Cinderlands.
  • Korvosa: long the gateway to Varisia for the nations further south, the region’s largest settlement sits perched on the mouth of the Jeggare River at the far southeast of the territory.
  • Magnimar: the second-largest city in Varisia and Korvosa’s constant rival, it was founded by a group of democratically-minded exiles from the Chelaxian colony.
  • Mushfens: a vast swamp on the southern coast of Varisia, and the largest marsh in all of Avistan.
  • Riddleport: sitting across the Varisian Gulf from Magnimar, Riddleport serves as a safe harbor for mercenaries, thieves, bandits, and pirates of all cuts.

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