Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 6

Tunnel Terrors

Down Time

Zandu brews potions, Egan Silentall trains his dog, Arlynn visits the orphanage, and Ashla drops by Vencarlo’s academy for some one on one instruction. The party is then called to Citadel Volshyenek and receive their reward for halting the assassination-by-otyugh and apprehending the culprit. They are each awarded the pseudodragon’s mark, a medal symbolizing their status as champions of Korvosa.

Beneath the Streets

After leaving the Citadel, the party passes by the Gold Market where they encounter Ramara, an acolyte of Pharasma who is searching for another acolyte who has gone missing, Pavo.

Ashla tracks Pavo to an alleyway, where the party meets Sergeant Grau and Guardswoman Remmy. Grau reveals that priests are disappearing across town and the evidence points to someone operating out of the sewers. He asks if the party would join him in rooting these guys out.

The six of them descend into the sewer, get caught up fighting giant frogs, and attract the attention of some tunnel terrors. While hunting for the giant spiders, they discover a hidden room behind a crumbling wall, disable a trap, and fight off one of the spiders with help from Grau. Inside the hidden room, they discover a trap door leading to an even deeper vault below…


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