Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 7

Killing Floor

The party, together with the guards Grau and Remmy, descend through the trapdoor into a hidden vault beneath the sewer, some sort of sunken chapel. They interrupt a perverse sacrifice being performed by an Urgathoan priestess, Lucra, and the remaining Cow Hammer Boys, who are preparing to ritually butcher a bound and unconscious Pavo. A tense battle ensues, with the Cow Hammer Boys and the party taking cover behind pillars to trade fire. Ashla frees another would-be sacrifice, the Elf druid Faunra, while Ser Arlynn charges forward to attack the priestess.

Parns, one of the Cow Hammer Boys, leaps to defend Lucra while the Urgathoan cleric calls on her two zombie minions. Arlynn soon finds herself surrounded, prompting Ashla and Egan Silentall to rush to her aid. Zandu, meanwhile, has been landing devastating long range strikes against Lucra, causing the priestess to hex him with supernatural fear.

Ashla and Arlynn compete to see how quickly they can fell the zombies, as the badly wounded Lucra retreats back towards the sacrificial altar. Once Parns is felled, his companion Karralo tries to escape but is forced to surrender by Zandu. Lucra briefly attempts to take Pavo hostage, but ultimately chooses to go down fighting, casting her scythe in a supernatural strike against Arlynn only to be cut down from behind by Ashla.

After Pavo is freed and brought to his senses, the party searches the room and discovers the holy symbols of seven different clerics stashed in a desk, along with a grisly butcher’s bill, and what appears to be a stalker’s journal kept by Parns detailing the movements and routines of Pavo, Faunra, and other victims (as well as outlining the thug’s unrequited love for Lucra).

Ascending back to the sewers, the party chases off a group of dire rats and cuts down another tunnel terror. Arlynn rescues Dolgrin Deepdelver, a Dwarven engineer from Janderhoff who had been attacked and snared by the spider while performing maintenance on the crumbling wall.

The party hands over Karralo to the Guard, splitting the reward for capturing the fugitive Cow Hammer Boys with Remmy and Grau. Cressida is troubled that Urgathoan worshipers are performing sacrifices in the city. Worship of the Pallid Princess is tolerated in Korvosa, so long as her cultists don’t cross the line into murder.

With the sewers cleared and the clerics rescued, the party returns to Zellara’s house for a well-earned rest.


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