Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 9

Grave Business

Welcome to Gray District

The missing body of young Gaekhen was brought to the Gray District, Korvosa’s massive cemetery. The party’s first stop is the fortified Cathedral of Pharasma at the center of the district, where they speak with Bishop Keppira d’Bear about the possible whereabouts of the necromancer Rolth. The Pharasmian Acolyte Pavo guides the party to the crumbling mausoleum in the district’s Potter’s Ward where the body was dumped. Egan Silentall quickly picks up the distinctive four-toed footprints of Derro leading into the mausoleum.

Following a hidden trap door down, the party enters a bone-lined ossuary where they quickly find themselves surrounded by skeletons. While Ser Arlynn overpowers a massive skeletal owlbear through the power of her goddess, Ashla, Egan and Zandu clear the room of lesser undead. They then follow a narrow tunnel burrowed in the wall, finding a network of of muddy passages lit by luminescent fungus and inhabited by derro.

After foiling an attempted ambush, the party interrupts a derro experiment involving a dead beggar and a group of stirges, triggering a lengthy battle fought half in supernatural darkness. When the lights return, one derro lies dead and two more escaped, while Ser Arlynn was weakened by the bloodsucking stirges.

Nonetheless, the party presses on into the necromancer’s corpse dump room, where an Otyugh is cheerily gnawing on the latest batch of bodies. After the party defeats it, they search through the charnel pile for Gaekhen’s body and then return to the Cathedral with their find.

As Ashla puts it to the clerics, “We have good news and bad news.” The party presents the lower half of Gaekhen. “This is both the good news and the bad news.” The clerics promise to preserve the body parts until the rest of Gaekhen is found, while Pavo and fellow acolyte Ramara see to the party’s wounds. The four of them are given space in the Cathedral barracks to spend the night before venturing once more into the Dead Warrens below.


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