Tayce Soldado

A Varisian woman nearing 40, she possesses a simple beauty


After Tayce’s husband Bayan Soldado was murdered by a highwayman many years ago, Tayce was left to raise their three children herself. Though she is a devoted mother and adored by her children, they struggle under the poverty and discrimination that is the fate of most Varisians in Korvosa. They are not even able to live in the city, instead dwelling in impoverished Trail’s End outside East Shore.

Tayce’s income as a washerwoman is supplemented by her children: her daughter Brienna works as a maid while her sons Charlo and Rello are unofficial apprentices to a wheelwright friend of the family. She is also supported by her brother-in-law Grau Soldado, who visits the family at least once a week and offers financial assistance when needed.

Tayce called on Grau’s help when Brienna was stricken with a sudden illness. To his displeasure, she also called upon a friendly priest of Abadar, who avoided costly spellcasting in favor herbal remedies. But it was the party’s magic that ultimately saved Brienna from the disease.

Tayce is eternally grateful to the party for their actions.

Tayce Soldado

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