Bekyar Nation

A people native to the southern continent of Garund, their nation lies southwest of the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, stretching from the Desolation Cape all the way north to the former Chelaxian colony of Sargava. The Bekyars are on average exceedingly tall, with many topping 7 feet. Dark of skin, they wear their wiry hair long but often straighten it into elaborate coifs.

The Bekyars are feared throughout Garund and beyond as slave traders and demon worshipers. The Bekyar are deeply involved in the slave trading network, with little concerns for who they are selling to whom. They trade Mwangi to Geb, halflings to Cheliax, and all manner of poor souls to Nidal.

According to Lord Alek Farima, the Bekyars are now operating underground slave markets in Korvosa, with the collaboration of the Temple of Asmodeus. The Bekyars have a deep-seated grudge against the Farima family and attempted to assassinate Lord Alek and Ser Arlynn.

The party’s investigation of the Asmodeans uncovered an illegal halfling-trafficking operation the priestess Mina Darklight was conducting, with help from the Bekyar ship the Scorpion’s Kiss.

Bekyars in Korvosa

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Bekyar Nation

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