The Inheritor


The goddess of honor, justice, rulership, and valor, Iomedae was the last mortal to pass the test of the Starstone and ascend to godhood. As human woman of Cheliax, she led the Knights of Ozem in their Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. Upon her apotheosis, she became the Herald of her patron god, Aroden.

When Aroden mysteriously died one hundred years ago, Iomedae in inherited many of his followers. She encourages her followers to embrace the principles of justice and fairness and make them a reality through statesmanship and swordcraft. Her Church is assertive and vigilant in rooting out evil.

Iomedaeā€™s holy symbol is the sword and halo.

Iomedae in Korvosa

Because of its activist bent the Church of Iomedae has no major presence in Korvosa, where it is often seen as disruptive and moralizing. Still, its reputation precedes it and those in need of stout-hearted champions always welcome the sight of a follower of the Inheritor.

Followers of Iomedae in Korvosa:

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