Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Nestled in the northwest tip of the great continent of Avistan, it is a frigid, rugged land of rich taiga, treacherous marches, and great bolder-strewn moraines left behind by departed glaciers. Frozen much of the year beneath layers of snow, it is a place utterly inhospitable to all but the hardiest people.

Humans of Ulfen stock hail from this region, where they have built a society of loosely organized fiefdoms controlled by warlords known as the Linnorm Kings. So-called because to claim the title, one must first slay one of the enormous dragon-like linnorms that also call the region home.

Ulfen merchants from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings are not an uncommon sight in the streets of Korvosa, come to trade northern furs for southern spices and other luxuries. Thanks to the strength of its navy and the height of its walls, the city is spared the other kind of Ulfen visitor—those who arrive by longships with linnorm-headed prows as sea raiders.

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Lands of the Linnorm Kings

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