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Korvosa, Jewel of Varisia

Korvosa  jewel of varisia

Welcome to the Crimsone Throne campaign wiki! Here you will find information about the people, places, and history of Korvosa and its environs.

Dramatis Personae

A reference guide to notable individuals in Korvosa.

Korvosa Locations

The largest and most bustling city in Varisia, Korvosa has much to offer tourists and adventurers alike.


The city of Korvosa has stood for three hundred years, gradually accumulating laws, regulations, and restrictions that are overseen by a bewildering array of officers. For its first two centuries, Korvosa operated as a colony of Cheliax. After the sundering of the Empire, city leaders established a monarchy to provide stability at home—while all the while still pledging allegiance to distant, disinterested Cheliax.


Korvosa boasts the largest standing army in Varisia. Though presently at peace, the city has a long history of conflict with the native Shoanti and its soldiers remain ever vigilant for barbarian attack.


There are a number of influential groups within the city but not directly under the control of the Korvosan government or any of the temples.


Nine out of ten Korvosans are human and the majority of those identify as ethnically Chelish. After three centuries of colonization, most Korvosan humans are actually of mixed Chelish and Varisian ancestry, but Chelish traits are highly prized. The third major human ethnic group is the Shoanti, whose tribesmen are a rare but persistent presence in the city. Korvosa is also home to humans and other races of every imaginable background, but they are often light on the ground.


The gods of Korvosa are as varied as its people, but some are more prominent than others. The faiths of Abadar, Asmodeus, Pharasma, Sarenrae, and Shelyn all maintain temples in the city. There is also a rundown Temple of Aroden maintained by the dead god’s dwindling flock. Other faiths have public shrines at the Pantheon of the Many, which offers space to worship all but the most vile gods.


With so many people packed so close, Korvosa is a prime hunting ground for many a monster both above and below ground.

The Hinterlands and Abroad

As the largest city-state of Varisia, Korvosa’s territory extends far beyond its city walls, from the Mindspin Mountains to the east to the shores of Lake Syrantula in the west and all the way north to the border of the Shoanti Cinderlands. Korvosa also maintains relations with neighbors near and far, especially its estranged motherland of Cheliax.

Documents and Songs

A collection of key texts, transcripts and ditties the adventurers have come across in their travels.

Adventure Log

A compilation of the party’s many exploits, organized chronologically by chapter.

Campaign Calendar

A record of the campaign’s events organized by date according to the Korvosan calendar.

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