The Dawnflower

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The goddess of healing, honesty, redemption, and the sun, Sarenrae is one of the most ancient and beloved of the gods. It is said that it was she who first brought light into the world, stripping away the shadows of deceit through which evil prospers. Her faith attracts those of strong compassion who nonetheless understand that there are times when evil must be confronted directly.

Sarenrae’s holy symbol is that of the sun and angel.

Sarenrae in Korvosa

The white marble temple of Sarenrae stands on atop Citadel Hill, where it can catch the sun’s light at all hours of the day. As a temple dedicated to healing, it attracts gifts and offerings from the wealthy and the masses alike. Although it lacks the institutional power of the Bank of Abadar, the Temple of Sarenrae has many adherents within the city.

(Sarenrae holy symbol credit: Hugo Solis)

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