The Party

Adventurers of diverse backgrounds, the Crimson Blades have assisted the Korvosan Guard on numerous occasions in the ongoing struggle to keep the city from sliding into anarchy. However, their efforts uncovered a far more sinister plot against the city by Queen Ileosa Arabasti, who was in thrall to an evil artifact.

Party Roster

From the initial group of four, the party has grown in size to a substantial band of adventurers and companions.

  • Lord Aquilos Nox: a Chelaxian bounty hunter, he joined the party’s quest in exchange for recovering Slim’s medallion to return to his employer, Ambassador Amprei. Nox subsequently saw his family’s noble status restored and was elected King of Korvosa together with his Queen, Cressida Kroft.
  • Ser Arlynn Farima: a paladin of Iomedae, she is the daughter of an exiled Mwangi noble family. Arlynn wields the sacred sword Serithtial. She has successfully redeemed her sister Keris and her friend Laori and won the latter over to the goddess.
  • Ashla Blacktree: a Half-Elf ranger, Ashla was raised in cities while her Elvish father served out a term of exile. She grew fond of urban environments, while developing an abiding hatred for the undead. Ashla has taken up the mantle of Blackjack and married the former masked vigilante, Vencarlo Orisini.
  • Badger: a man-sized raccoon; Ashla’s companion
  • Egan Silentall: a Gnome druid, Egan was raised in a remote forest community, where he was initiated into the druidic mysteries by his father and the other elders of his village. Egan has become leader of Korvosa’s druid circle.
  • Kyra: a Halfling rogue originally with the Cerulean Society, she’s developed a strong attachment to Zandu and was also good friends with Slim. Kyra has gained control of a castle thanks to the Harrowed Deck of Many Things.
  • Laori Vaus: a bubbly elf maiden, she was a priestess of the dark god Zon-Kuthon, but has turned from his service to follow the goddess Iomedae thanks to the influence of Arlynn.
  • Majenko: a pseudodragon pledged to Ashla’s service for a year and a day.
  • Remmy: a Gray Maiden and former Korvosan Guardswoman, she was being looked after by Slim. She has since developed a friendship with Nox and served as the unwitting vessel for the erinyes general Azeret during the battle with Lorthact.
  • Reno: a riding dog rescued from the streets by Egan, he has been awakened and served as commander of the treants during the First Battle of Korvosa.
  • Lord Telus “Flint” Endrin: a Korvosan nobleman skilled with the bow and allied with Nox. Officially, Flint was slain by the infernal duke Lorthact. Unofficially, Flint was reborn in the body of his clone and ran off with the half-elf archer Clairian Arrowsong.
  • Zandu Loranth: a Varisian sorcerer from a family of theoretically Chelish nobility, Zandu was dispatched to Korvosa to make a fortune and extend his family’s influence. He was slain by Red Mantis Assassins at the Battle of the Flameford, but was reincarnated in the body of a gnoll. He has grown quite close to Kyra. Zandu was abducted by marid genies after the battle with Ileosa and has only recently reemerged.


For their journey into the Cinderlands, the party acquired a total of six horses of varying degrees of training.

  • Princess: Irabeth’s divinely-bonded destrier, a brilliant white mare with a long, shaggy mane.
  • Cloud: Ashla’s dun-colored horse
  • Dawn: Arlynn’s warhorse, a heavy palomino with a golden mane
  • Shadow: Slim’s horse, gray with a white mane and fetlocks
  • Pony: Remmy’s warhorse
  • Horse: Zandu’s horse, a buckskin

Current Status

At present, the Crimson Blades are celebrating their great victory over the infernal duke Lorthact, having saved the city from his clutches.

For more information on their exploits, please see the Adventure Log.

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The Party

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